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As you can see we’ve gone through a major upgrade from our old site. We argued, cursed, and struggled with the fact that we were taking down over 90% of our inventory, but at the same time rejoiced at the opportunity to do greater things with the Royal Blue brand. It is time to evolve. We’d like you to join us on that adventure to a better Royal Blue featuring specially curated fashion, lifestyle blogs, upcoming events, unique campaigns and more.

Where did everything go?

The E-commerce isn’t entirely gone. We will still have select items for sale, the newer and more limited items you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you’re still in love with our basic denims or that printed jogger, we’ve been partnering with national retail stores to sell our styles. They are mostly in-store with the intent of some to go online. Check them out here:

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, complain to your local store to carry our brand with the styles that you like. They can reach us at to place wholesale orders.

What to Expect

We have been getting heavy into artist collaborations and outreach at major events. We’ll constantly update you as we get the news. When we had newsletters setup on our old website, we periodically sent out important updates. Like you, we hate vendors that email blast every day. Spam is wack so don’t expect that from us.

More questions?

Read our FAQ here:

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