The Funniest Instagram Accounts

1.) @TheFatJewish

If you’ve been keeping up with internet celebrity gossip lately, you may already know about the plagiarism fiasco that’s come upon Josh Ostrovksy, a.k.a. The Fat Jew. The social media personality has recently come under heavy criticism for taking jokes from various corners of the Twitterverse without giving credit to the original creators; a fuck up so big that it’s been rumored to ultimately cost him a Comedy Central pilot episode. Is he a thief of intellectual property? Sure. Is his Instagram account still hilarious? Hell yes. Posting a batch of well-selected internet memes and his own photos with hilarious captions, you’re guaranteed at least a few laughs a day from this big tub of socially relevant and trendy humor. Here’s hoping The Fat Jew will remember to tag where these great jokes were born from here on out."

2.) @Plies

Fellas, sometimes in this great hunt for coitus we call “spitting game”, we come across guys who just get it. These philosophers of fucking can talk about the everyday realities of sex culture we all can relate to. Whether it be health hazards associated with fucking around with a girl who’s been around, or the inanimate objects a pussy might look like. Plies is one of these wise men, and he gets his points across in a way that’ll have you rolling. The most popular posts on his account easily have to be his weekly “Sweet Pwussy Satday” videos in which he describes the many things great pussy reminds him of. This man is one of those great poets of love that come along once in a generation. Oh, and he’s a rapper too or something like that.

3.) @FuckJerry

23 year old Elliot Thebele is the creator of possibly the biggest meme-based Instagram account in the world. A culmination of the most humorous pictures on the web with the most perfect captions, if you’re not following this account, you’re out of touch with modern day internet humor.

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Honorable Mention 1: @shaq

I'm goin hm to alcatrAz

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Honorable Mention 2: @dillonfrancis


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