Summer Twitter

#1: Drake v.s. Meek Mill

Yes, beefs are nothing new in the world of Hip Hop. Where there is street cred to be claimed, there are rappers to compete for it, and put each other on the spot when a successful figure in the industry is coming off as a little less than “real”. So when Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill was feeling a little emotional about Drake not tweeting about his new album Dreams Worth More than Money, he felt the need to take to Twitter to start one of Hip Hop’s most hilarious beefs in history. Meek Mill’s tweet claiming the Toronto rapper does not write his own raps was met with not one, but two diss tracks by Drake, that aim at everything from Meek’s immaturity in starting this fued to the mega-star, alpha female status of Meek Mill’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj eclipsing Mills’s own career. And if the late delivery of Meek Mill’s mediocre response track didn’t put a big enough nail in the coffin, there’s 1000’s of hilarious meme’s and a copyright lawsuit from WWE at Meek Mill’s expense to show you this battle has been long decided.

#2: Porn Star Mia Khalifa Puts NFL Player’s Thirst on Blast

There’s two main things Mia Khalifa is known for: fucking on camera, and being the most searched person fucking on camera on Pornhub. Being so well known for her talents, Khalifa has earned many fans, from everyday Joe Schmo’s to professional athletes like Buffalo Bills Safety, Duke Williams. Mia Khalifa let it be known that Williams was a bit too eager to spend some quality time with her by posting a screen shot of their one-sided conversation occurring in her direct messages on Twitter. Don’t worry, Duke, I’m sure there’s another hot porn star out there who won’t tell the world about your quadruple messaging patterns…

#3: DeAndre and The Clippers Act Like High Schoolers Over Possible Trade

This NBA off-season was an oddly emotional one for DeAndre Jordan and the Clippers. In rumors that the Clippers center wasn’t happy with the team and wanted out, a large majority of the Clippers roster felt the need to express their frustration of Jordan’s possible desertion by sassily tweeting emojis that appropriately expressed the situation. After a couple of subliminal car and airplane emojis from his teammates like JJ Redick and Black Griffin, and a little bit some short term stalking by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, DeAndre decided to give his love affair with the Clippers another 4 year shot. But to really bury the hatchet on this hilarious, high school-like breakup/makeup of a story, DeAndre tweeted a short apology to the MAVERICKS team and fan base for being such a little tease.

#4: New Lakers Rookie Past Tweet Comes Back For Some Ass-Biting

You remember that one late night tweet you posted several years ago that completely shitted on that one person you thought you’d never end up working with? Well neither did Larry Nance Jr., until a few days after experiencing the biggest achievement of his life. Shortly after being drafted out of University of Wyoming to the LA Lakers, someone dug deep into the history books of the young rookie’s twitter, finding a tweet that directly referred to Lakers star player, unofficial general manager, and unofficial coach, Kobe Bryant, as a rapist. Well shit Larry, crazy to think who may end up being your boss one day, huh?

#5: Taylor Swift Bitches at Nicki Minaj for Bitching About a Music Video Nomination

Depending on how old you are, you may remember a time when MTV actually showed music videos and discussed music. Today, they’re more about following the dramatic lives of pregnant teenagers and gullible people who choose to try and find their soulmates online. But regardless, the Video Music Awards is an annual MTV award show that’s declining in popularity by the year and they didn’t nominate Nicki Minaj’s music video for her single “Anaconda”, oh shit, what a career ending blow. Well in a series of tweets the rapper expressed her disdain for the award show not willing to recognize her Pluto sized assets, claiming that white artists get much more attention. Somewhere in this bitching out Taylor Swift felt like she was being attacked so then she takes to Twitter to ask Nicki why she gotta be acting like a bitch to her. Like a classic high school girl-fight, it was clearly a misunderstanding between the two that just came from perpetual bitching from moon men awards that don’t really matter anymore.

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