4 Seasonal Beers to Stockpile Before the Summer’s Over

Love Summer? Love beer? Why don’t you sip on inebriating seasonal nostalgia buy grabbing a six-pack or 5 of some of Royal Blue’s favorite seasonal summer beers? Because you can only drink cheap ass beer so much before your liver decides to leave you because you’re not only abusive, but also cheap.

1. Bell’s Oberon

This wheat based Ale is a spicy yet smooth brew topped with a real yeasty feel. The fruity after taste gives it a great summer taste make Bell’s a standard other summer beers try to match.

2. Harpoon Summer Beer

The lightest of the beers on this list, the crisp Harpoon Summer Beer is a classic summer ale, being refreshing with ever so slight citrus kick.

3. Sweetwater Road Trip Ale

This ale brings the feel of a cross country road trip with the squad into your beer. Having one of the more unique taste on this list, this German Pilsner will bring that citrus-based summer taste, with small hints of nutmeg and pinewood aromas from the hops.

4. Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy

If you don’t really have a clue as to how the hell a summer beer is different from normal beer, this particular shandy will probably be the best introduction to your novice pallet without being too hard on your wallet. Very crisp with a fairly bold lemon taste, this seasonal Leinenkugel’s taste like a refreshing beer for some casual day drinking on a hot afternoon.

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