Shaquile O’Neal Set to DJ

Aug 14, 2015

Retired basketball player and sport icon, Shaquile O’Neal has been a larger than life public figure for some time. From having his own (“WHAT ARE THOSE?!” worthy) mediocre brand of shoe in the 90’s, to starring in hilariously bad cult movies like Shazam and Steel, Shaq has always sought to be a memorable character past his achievements on the court.

Well, like your kinda douchey roommate and your weird ass neighbor across the street (and their mother’s), the Laker Legend is also looking into starting a DJ career.

Being at it for a few months now, O’Neal has been hitting the decks at various clubs in cities like Miami and LA, but he will be playing his first show officially under the name “DJ Diesel” at the massive, 3 day electronic dance music festival Tomorrowworld in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia on September 25th. Releasing a promotional mix for the occasion, listeners can expect to hear some very dated and considerably overplayed (that’s putting it nicely) trap and dubstep tunes peppered with some popular sing-along acapella portions from the radio.

The promotional mix has seen very little approval from the EDM community, meaning a he can only go up from here. But hey, gotta give props to this 43 year old for even knowing what EDM is, even if it seems like he’s running away from irrelevancy at this point. Check out the promotional mix below.