Men’s Guide to Surviving the Mall with Your Girl

The (hidden) cringe reaction we give when we hear our girls say “let’s go to the mall!” is all too familiar. It’s a mystery we’ll never figure out if the women in our lives realize it’s more of a chore. Maybe they get off on us suffering while we wait outside their dressing rooms.

I lost count on how many times I’ve been through this situation. Lose her and find another girl, you say? Nah, fortunately I have mastered the mall survival with her and I’ll explain how I do it.

Tips on Survival & Sanity

For starters, going to the mall with bae can actually be a learning experience. While you are in and out of stores, see what it is she is drawn too. The next best gift might be right in front of you, as you watch her fall in love with the newest gadget from Brookstone or point to that perfume set. Gain all the extra brownie points when she opens her next gift!

Next, it is important to keep in mind that the mall isn’t just for her. Any trip to the mall can be just as much about you. There are stores in the mall that are just for men, such as GameStop and Foot Locker. Stop in, relax, and pick up the newest NBA 2k15 or the flyest kicks and make your trip well worth it.

Lastly, if you truly hate the mall as much as me, stay calm and deflect the invite as best as you can. Allow for some recommendations and remind her she hasn’t had a girl’s day in a while or how long it has been since she has seen her mother. Stick to the bench on this one and keep playing your new NBA 2k15 as she stops herself from spending 2k.

Good luck my friends!

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