Rihanna at Carnival Might Be as Timeless as the Mona Lisa Itself

Whether it be manmade or from nature, it’s difficult to not appreciate a true work of art. And when it comes to sexy celebrities, Rihanna is that rare manmade piece of nature with curves in all the right places that can make men’s hearts drop and pants pop up.

Being comfortable in her own skin, Rihanna has been elegantly photographed in little to no clothing quite a few times but her outfit for Carnival may be her hottest look yet. The sexy pop star was spotted in Barbados this past weekend sporting a traditional and very sexy carnival outfit while partaking in one of the day parades.

The Barbados native clearly felt right at home shaking that A-list celebrity ass like she had bills to pay. Lucky for us, there was plenty of photos to appreciate the gorgeous West Indian goddess in all her sexiness. Check out the video of her twerking uploaded by Daily Exclusive below:

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