Drake & Serena Williams Caught Sucking Face In Club

You know the saying, “birds of a feather flock together?” Well, when it comes to successful as fuck birds, you can’t get a breed that’s doing it much bigger than Drake and Serena Williams this year. With Williams set to win her 22nd Grand Slam title and Drake being a top dog in the rap game, the circles and legs of these two celebrity juggernauts probably intertwine pretty naturally. It’s been rumored that Drake and Williams have been seeing each other for months but this is the first hard evidence representing the two as an item. In some pictures nabbed by TMZ, a restaurant attendee in Seattle managed to capture Williams sitting on tpp of the Toronto rapper’s lap to share in some casual kissing and very adult-rated snuggling. No word on the two going public quite yet, but considering the relative silence from both camps, it’s possible we could see “Dra-Ena” become the next awfully-named celebrity couple in the near future.

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