Royal Blue’s Favorite Internet Memes of The Summer



Free Myesha fast

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Every few years there comes a meme that makes everyone wonder how we went so long without such a timeless joke. This summer, on the 14th of June, the “What Are Those?!” meme, created by the Instagram user, @youngbusco, came to light. This short and simple dissing of off-brand or odd looking shoes has proven itself to be one of the funniest trends of the past few years.


2.) Netflix & Chill

Ever invite that fine ass dime piece you met at the club into your place for coffee? If you have, how in the hell did you find a time machine in the ‘90’s to read this in 2015? As any DTF 20something can attest, people of the 21st century are still trying to find the most subtle way to say, “So, you wanna come over to my place to bone?”, and it seems like “hanging out” while watching Netflix is the new cover for it. For just $8 a month, you can now pull off the smooth Yawn-and-stretch Maneuver in the comfort of your own home; what a time to be alive!




3.) The Drake v.s. Meek Mill memes

Let’s face it, at the end of the day, Meek Mill is kind of Nicki Minaj’s wife but still dropped some of the hottest bars for this era of rap when he released “Dreams & Nightmares” back in 2012. And Drake is a really talented artist who still got slapped by Diddy for straight up stealing a beat. Both of these guys have respectable and embarrassing aspects of their career we can all respect and find humor in simultaneously. So when these two went at it over Drake allegedly not writing his featured verse on Meek’s latest album, the gut-busting memes and diss tracks that came with the Twitter beef will be just another chapter of hilarity in the careers of these two Nicki Minaj fans.

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