Russell Wilson Claims $3 Water Cures His Concussion

While being an NFL-caliber quarterback is no small detail to gloss over, it’s safe to say Russell Wilson has been making some questionable moves on and off the field. From throwing the ball instead of handing it to Marshawn in the Super Bowl, to deciding to go celibate as soon as he starts dating the dead-sexy Ciara, Wilson can often times leave us scratching our heads. In a recent report, the Seahawk QB has claimed that a brand of water called “Recover Water”, has protected him from and even healed concussions he may sustain during his Sundays on the gridiron. So is this $3 bottle of water the greatest medical advancement since penicillin, or is the tiny water brand possibly sliding Russ a little extra cash for the positive publicity? Hell, you honestly have to wonder if it’s just that brand new 88 million dollar contract going to our boy’s head…



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