Chief Keef Attempts to Name His New Son After His New Mixtape

To some, Keith Cozart (aka Chief Keef) is a new and addictive twist on the contemporary rap artist, setting him apart from the competition in a positive light. To others, the Chi-town native is a testament to just how lucky someone with very little talent can get in this big world of ours. But however you may feel about him, it’s clear the independent rapper knows how to promote a fire mixtape after this stunt. In late August, Chief Keef welcomed a brand new son into the world, and in his joy, he thought the best name for his new baby would be “Sno FilmOn Dot Com Cozart”, named after his upcoming Mixtape “Sno” and the music streaming platform, Recently, the fatherhood of young Sno has come into question, causing FilmOn to retract their portion of the name from the child. If this story doesn’t make future Chief Keef girlfriends and groupies want to use protection, it’s safe to say the baby name mixtape trend is just beginning.

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