Washington D.C. State Fair Featured a Brand New Weed Growing Competition

With support for the legalization of recreational marijuana swooping across the U.S., it was decided a little over 5 months ago our nation’s capital, Washington D.C., would join Colorado and Washington State on the new trend legalizing pot consumption and production. In celebration of being able to legally blaze up, the annual D.C. State Fair hosted its very own marijuana growing competition. For the first time, D.C. natives competed against each other to see who could grow the loudest of the loud and the stickiest of the icky. Participants brought their own, self-grown plants and had their buds judged on appearance, touch (based on how sticky or dry it is), odor, and growing methods. Unfortunately, it’s still illegal in D.C. to smoke in public places, so there was no direct sampling of any of the submitted bud. We’re asking the same question you are; how the fuck are you going to judge the best weed without smoking any of the weed? Surely an incomplete competition, but all we can hope is that this can at least be a step in the right direction towards some kind of future weed-themed Iron Chef TV show one day.

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