Lake Gets Lit (Literally) with 80,000 Gallons of Jim Beam

In a culture where what you drink can be heavily associated with what kind of partier you are, it’s pretty common for popular brands of booze to almost take on personas of their own. Smirnoff flavored Vodkas are pretty much as basic as the basic bitches that call it their go-to, and you can almost see a bottle of Ciroc do a swagged out P. Diddy shuffle despite the fact it’s not alive. Well now, Jim Beam is not only the whiskey for a Southern Gentleman on a budget, but also could be associated with turning up with Mother Nature in a pretty destructive way. Over 80,000 gallons of the mid-tier whiskey managed to dump out of one of Jim Beam’s Kentucky warehouses and into a nearby lake caused by the lighting of a thunderstorm. As the bourbon made its way into the lake, lightning then struck the lake and set the whole body of water into a booze-infused blaze. To give you an idea of how much free whiskey you missed out on by not living next to the warehouse, 80,000 gallons of Jim Beam can get you over 200 million whiskey cokes for your next pregame, about 173,000 handles for your liquor shelves, or make enough shots for every man, woman, and child in the entire United States. The state of Kentucky will make the bourbon company pay around $70,000 for the mishap, mainly for getting thousands of fish turned up to death. But being charged a little under a dollar a gallon, I think we all wish we lived in the woods for such a big ass discount.

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