James Corden Brings Stevie Wonder for a Ride on Carpool Karaoke

Slowly working his way up to be one of the big names in late night talk shows, current host of the “Late Late Show”, James Corden has a pretty well-known segment of the show called Carpool Karaoke. This segment features world class singers from infamous fuck boy, Justin Bieber to legendary rock god, Rod Stewart as they drive around with the talk show host and shoot the shit as they sing along to some of their most famous records. In this week’s segment, Corden decided to bring along the king of soul, Stevie Wonder. During the hilarious ride Wonder goes in on all his old records and makes James’s wife properly lose her shit when James and Stevie decide to give her a surprise phone call. The ten minute segment really shows that the Wonder’s still got a voice made of angel wings and is actually pretty damn funny as well. Check it out below.

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