St. Louis Rams Troll the Ever So Troll-able Russell Wilson

Sep 20, 2015

Russell Wilson has had a pretty interesting and humorous year in the spotlight. He’s been part of one of the worst play calls in Super Bowl history, claimed miracle water has healed his past concussions, and is now in a sex-free relationship with one of R&B’s sex symbols, Ciara. No matter how you cut it, Wilson has been making himself pretty easy to laugh at, and now the St. Louis Rams are taking part in the trolling fun. Hours before Russel’s season opener against the Rams this past Sunday, he had the over-confidence to tweet “1-0”. And as if the Seahawks can’t catch a damn break from the NFL gods when it comes to game-winning plays, they lose 34-31 on their last drive where they actually gave Marshawn the ball. The official Rams Twitter account let Russell know that his past words were not left unheard.

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