Lil’ Dicky Teaches Us the Value of a Dollar in “Save Dat Money”

Relatively new to the Hip Hop game, David Burd a.k.a. Lil’ Dicky, has caught a lot of attention for rapping about unconventional topics in a scene where hedonism and lavish lifestyle dominate lyrical subject matter. For Dicky’s record, “$ave Dat Money”, he decided that it’d be in good spirit of the record to make a music video that cost him $0 to make.  That’s right, no big booty hoes paid by the hour, rented super cars or borrowed jewelry; just charitable donations. The video starts with the Richmond University graduate going door-to-door in a high-end neighborhood asking residents to temporarily borrow their house for the video shoot. Considering it’s L.A., I’m sure half of the residents thought Dicky was more than likely some sketchy-ass porn producer, but he eventually arrives at the door of a kind, little, old lady who was willing to offer her home for the afternoon. Lil’ Dicky uses shots from the mansion and a night out at the club with featured artist, Fetty Wap to create this entertaining, expense-free piece of film. Check out the clever video below!

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