The Very Average, Felicia Czochanski, Angers Twitter with Cocky Cosmo Article

You know that one girl at the bar who acts like she’s way too hot to talk to anyone? Whether she’s actually that hot, or in denial about her relative averageness, no one ever really likes that girl. For the 6.5-at-best, Felicia Czochanski, she’s managed to become that loath-able girl for the entire internet. In her article for Cosmopolitan Magazine, “People Judge Me Because I’m Pretty”, Czochanski decides to express to the world how hard her life is for being, in her opinion, extremely attractive. Fuck real social issues like poverty, police brutality, and selfie-sticks, Felicia wants to bring to our attention her nigh unbearable struggles of being born “… 5-foot-5 with blonde hair, big hazel eyes, 34DDs, and toned calves.” She claims this has lead to people only seeing a pretty girl and not any of the other qualities that she also entitles to herself, like being an athlete and ambitious…. The Twitterverse, being a realm where everyone’s an ass and no one can agree finally agreed on this one thing: that Felicia is one overly cocky, delusional douche. No matter how you feel about her looks, it’s a sure thing that Felicia’s narcissism is one of her ugliest traits.

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