It’s Official, Empire is Running TV on the Fashion Front

The Fox original series, “Empire”, follows the triumphs and tribulations of a music mogul Lucious Lyons (played by Terrance Howard), as he deals with personal battles and all the wars that come with running a world-renowned music label. Audiences are probably familiar with the show for critically acclaimed drama and storytelling, but what fans may not know, is that “Empire” knows its shit when it comes to giving all its characters boss-level fashion sense. From several male characters slew of designer suits, to Cookie’s trend-reflecting wardrobe, this show makes sure the clothes speak as loudly as the story. With season 2 premiering earlier this week, it’s clear viewers will continue to get weekly lessons in high fashion for both men and women. The first episode had ex-wife of Lucious, Cookie Lyon (played by Taraji Henson), doing a benefit concert for her currently imprisoned former husband sporting a very exclusive Gucci dress, matching her typically eccentric style. Later on in the season, Empire costume designer, Paolo Nieddu proclaims that we will see Lucious’s style evolve with the show, switching from his signature ascot and suit combo to tasteful silk shirts and much sharper bespoke suits. We’ll see younger characters like Jamal and Andre Lyon grow into matured men as they trade in a relatively unremarkable and juvenile looks for stylish jackets and button-downs from designers like Haider Ackermann and Z Zenga. 50 Cent can have an imaginary beef with the show all he wants, but one thing he’s gotta agree with is that all these characters definitely look good while throwing shade.


An example of the contemporary and sleek style of a Z Zenga suit that the Lyon sons are finding more their style this season.


The eternally sexy Jennifer Lopez sporting the same Feather Dress as Cookie on the cover of W Magazine.


An example of the bold but still very professional style a standard, 3-piece bespoke suit brings.

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