Now that the dust has settled and the rumors have finally been proven true, how does Drake & Future’s collaborative mixtape, “What a Time to Be Alive” actually stack up as a collection of music? Well it really depends on what scope it’s being listened to in. After viewers have a good and careful listen to the lyricism, production, and topic matter of the LP itself, it’s certain that the bringing together of Drake and Future isn’t necessarily perfect, but it’s by no means terrible either. WATTBA is kind of like French fries dipped a Frosty from Wendys: two things a lot of people may love together, but just as many who may find it unnecessary.

It was reported that Drake and Future recorded and finished the whole project in a matter of six days, and it certainly feels as such. While the undeniable chemistry between the two juggernauts is clear, the relatively short song lengths and singular tone of the album will make fans wonder how much better the project could have been if they took much more time putting it together.  The duo seem to have their brightest moments in records like certified banger “Big Rings” and the darker toned “Diamonds Dancing”, where the two can switch back and forth very smoothly in verses and even sing in unison at some points. While their comfort level with each other is consistent throughout the album, with the production being dominated by heavy trap beats and slow tempos, there are several moments where Drake sounds like a guest in the house of Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 part 2.

Overall, big fans of either artist will surely find some gems in this mixtape that they personally really enjoy. What A Time To Be Alive has a very “why the fuck not?” feel throughout, and it’s pretty easy to take on that same feeling when listening to the project in its entirety, which is a plus in itself. While this surely isn’t Drake or Future’s best project, it by no means damages their quickly growing reputations.

Royal Blue Rating: 3.5/5


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