New Dating App Aims to Get You Laid at Breakneck Speeds

It’s 2015, it’s fucking obvious none of us have time for coffee dates or walks in the park anymore. Between updating Twitter, procrastinating, and taking selfies, the time we have to make intimate connections is shrinking faster than Kylie Jenner lips are growing. Luckily, apps like tinder has helped us figure out who we would be willing to fuck at first glance, but now the game has changed again. Created by a pair of developers from California & France (that one country who thinks they invented sex), the brand new TikiTalk app is another chatting app that has taken the simple formula of sexual pre-selection over a smartphone and made it even simpler! Forget another user having to swipe right on you to display interest; on TikiTalk, you can send any users in your area short and concise messages letting them know exactly what you want to do with them at the push of a button. This ranges from everyday activities like going out for Korean BBQ, going to a music festival, volunteering, or even the infamous request of “Netflix & Chill. Once the user accepts your smooth invitation, you can then message one another to arrange the shag session. In the words of Future & Drake, what a time to be alive.



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