The Apple iCar is Real

Apple is planning to build and sell the most expensive product yet, The Apple Car. Although there have been rumors going around about the high-tech vehicle for months, it was only confirmed that the car is legit by the Wall Street Journal. Codenamed the “Titan”, a 600-person team is working on producing an electric car. The company plans to debut the new finished product by 2019, giving Apple fans enough time to line up for the next 3 years.

A few teaser details were released, but based on their past product launches here’s what expect:

-Apple Cars will only be released in the colors aluminum and white

-The charging cord for the battery system will be nonstandard and proprietary to Apple, and will change with each new model.

-Should the windshield crack or battery dies, Apple will not replace it; you will need to replace the entire vehicle.

-Siri will handle all left turns

-All media systems in the cars will come with U2’s latest album pre-installed.

Let’s just hope that by 2019, Siri will get better at giving directions and apple chargers won’t break in less than 2 months.

Note: These are concept sketches and may not be the real Apple iCar

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