What Are You Wanking to in 2015?

After being completely fucking disgusted with yourself, do you ever exit Pornhub and wonder if your taste in internet smut is the popular choice in terms of pornographic material? Despite you just trying to make yourself feel better about what you just willingly viewed, Pornhub has wondered the exact same thing! Being the largest internet porn site in the world, they put some of that dick pill ad-money to good use to figure out some interesting fun facts about what us lonely motherfuckers are jacking off to all over the globe and in all types of demographics.

Thought Drake was just influential figure in pop culture? Well, with current porn trends, you may or may not be wrong. The Toronto rapper did say in Nicki Minaj’s song, “Only” that “[he] likes [his] girls BBW, the type that wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you”, and had innocent youth everywhere questioning what the hell that is. Pornhub has noticed a 47% increase of searches for BBW (big beautiful woman) porn since 2013.

Now, chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a Millenial, and what would you enjoy more (besides your cell phone or a narcissistic Elite Daily editorial) than knowing what your fellow 20somethings are getting off too? Well according to Pornhub, Millenials love Lesbian porn the most, use our mobile devices much more frequently than our older counterparts, and watch about 200% more Hentai stuff (don’t worry, we’re still not judging you, you lesbian-hentai-iPhone-porn watcher, you). When it comes to our favorite stars, Kim Kardashian-West tops the list with close 2nds going to queen of the MILF’s, Lisa Ann, and fellow humorous Millenial, Mia Khalifa. So what do you think? This list everything you thought it’d be, or are your turn-ons just as fucked up as you thought?


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