T-Pain Offers Insight On the Poop Emoji, The After Life, and More

Oct 05, 2015

Remember the famous Floridian Rapper turned Singer, T-Pain? The guy that paved the way for future auto-tune heavyweights like Future and pretty much every rapper today? Well, Pitchfork recruited the legendary sing/producer to flex his philosophizing muscles in a recent installment their hilarious “Over/Under” series. In these simple 4 to 5 minute videos, Pitchfork asks well known and upcoming artists to give their opinion on what various aspects of life they think are overrated or underrated. In this installment, T-Pain offers some one of a kind insight on how he feels about society’s general opinion on ghosts, the strange as fuck poop emoji, and the effectiveness of Febreze. T-Pain also answers one of the questions of the century, the one many of us have been debating for generations: just exactly how fuck-able is Helen Mirren…. Watch him tackle the big issues below!