Pepsi Unveils Ugly Ass Back To The Future Inspired Bottle. Charging $20

We all know how much of a money grab some of these big businesses can be. Taking classic stories we hold near and dear to our hearts and turning them into dead-president cows. I mean shit, look at what Microsoft is doing to our beloved Halo story (No, Windows 10, you will fucking NEVER be Cortana…). But anyway, if Back to the Future series is your fancy, Pepsi just found a way to jump in that wallet enough unnecessary hype fit for a Yeezy shoe release. To commemorate their shameless product placement in the classic movie, “Back to the Future Part II”, Pepsi is releasing “Pepsi Perfect” which is essentially a Pepsi in a really awkward bottle that’s reminiscent of the aerosol can in your bathroom. And to be extra cute it’ll only cost customers a very reasonable $20.15 (haha, get it?.... Yeah we know it’s stupid). If you’re an avid collector though, make sure and grab yours when they’re released on October 21st. We’re sure they’ll get you a fortune later on just like those Beanie Babies and holographic Pokémon Cards you’re holding onto.

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