Listen to Will Smith Bust a Rhyme Like People Were Waiting On This

Some projects on pop culture are long awaited and greatly desired by fans of various talented artists. Dr. Dre fans waited over a decade for The Detox album (that will now never be released). Michael Jordan lovers still keep a watchful to see if he’ll be jumping back into the league to merc kids at the age of 52. And some of us in denial are still waiting for Tupac to make the return of the century. Recently Will Smith decided to jump into the booth one again, and we think it’s safe to say, no Will Smith fans were necessarily waiting on this. Being featured on a remix to the song, “Fiesta” by Colombian band Bomba Estéreo, Will Smith brings some bars that honestly just sound like they belong back in the ‘90’s with the rest of his musical career. Between how great “Suicide Squad” and “Concussion” are probably going to be, we think Smith should probably stick to just killing the acting game. Give a listen to the song below.

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