Facebook to Drop Emoji-Based “Like” System

Oct 14, 2015

Remember when it was pretty much confirmed by Facebook that the long-desired “Dislike” button was coming? Well, it’s not exactly going to be a “thumbs down”, and depending on how you look at it, all us Facebook procrastinator’s may be getting something even better. It was recently announced that a new, emoji-based liking system will now decide how you interact with your friend’s Facebook statuses, photos, and all those shared videos you don’t laugh at. Going by the name, “Reactions”, Facebook will begin testing the trend in Ireland and Spain this month.

Soon, users will be able choose from your basic “like” thumbs up, a “love” choice represented with a heart, a laughing “haha” reaction, a blushing “yay” face, the “wow” surprised face, a crying “sad” emoticon, or red colored “angry” emoticon. If we’re all thinking on the same wavelengths here, there’s surely quite a bit of laughter to be had from using inappropriate Reactions for those stupid inspirational quote statuses that one person you know from high school is constantly posting.