4 Stand Out Sock Brands that Aren’t Huf

Here at Royal Blue, we pride ourselves in making our buyers stand out, so any company aiming to do the same, we’ll raise our whiskey glasses to in a salute to being tastefully different. This can apply to every aspect of clothing down to someone’s socks, and no disrespect, but Huf has begun to become as common as argyle patterns. So we’re here to give you the scoop on some awesome sock brands you can spend that hard earned $15 on as opposed to the hemp-infused (Oooo…. Edgy) feet warmers.


1.) Sock It To Me

We have to crown Sock It To Me as the number one on our list. These guys really earn their stripes in terms of bringing a unique look. As common as an atypical pattern, you can find socks that straight up tell a story on your legs. Want your feet to show dinosaurs on a galaxy adventure? Maybe a pair inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night, or a Unicorn and Narwhal fighting in space? Look no more fam, Sock It To Me is going to have the most crazy pair that you never realized you were looking for.

2.) Zoraab Socks

We gotta give Zoraab the #2 spot for sharing a similar philosophy to Royal Blue’s: unique style at the best price. With the vast majority of their socks ranging from just $9 to $11, you can find a lot of socks with prints inspired by urban life, college life, bright patterns, or all three put together without breaking the bank. 

Visit Zoraab Here: http://www.zoraab.com/collections/mens-socks/all-socks

3.) Urban Outfitter’s Sock Line

Probably the most well-known clothing brand on our list, if you’re looking for socks that may turn a head or two, you could find what you need right at your local Urban Outfitters. Anything you can imagine on a fairly common level could be there, from a walking pizza with a mustache or pig-inspired under-threads, don’t quite write off this national chain as a good place to look for something interesting.

Visit the Socks of Urban Outfitters here: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/category.jsp?id=M_ACC_SOCKUNDER#/

4.) Warrior Alpaca Socks

                While you’re not gonna get any designs that are too crazy with the Warrior Alpaca socks, we just had to include this brand in the countdown because you’ll feel like an Aztec king wearing these babies. Forget the generally tough hemp material, Warrior Alpaca socks are made with genuine baby alpaca fur, which provides some of the softest and free feels you can buy for your feet. A bit on the pricey side, they’ll typically will run you anywhere from $16 to $22 a pair, but every day you get out of them will feel like walking on clouds.

Visit the site here: http://www.warrioralpacasocks.com/categories/mens-alpaca-socks/new-styles.html



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