The Haunted House that Requires a Waiver

It’s that time of year again, fam. The time of year when we count down the days till Halloween; where we can don silly costumes to get drunk instead of taking candy from strangers like we did in our youth. One essential aspect of the end-of-month celebration is the haunted houses, where we can take that one girl we’ve been eyeing in class or go have a funny night watching your squad scream like little girls. Unfortunately, we all know how shitty some haunted houses can be, but one house in particular really makes everyone that steps inside shits their pants. Located in Tustin California, The 17th Door Haunted House is 30 minutes of intense gore and disturbing scenes, that have guests not only walk through narrow hallways but sit in designated room and try and handle the crazy things happening around them. Not only are the typical slasher or ghost themes amped up, but the house really tries to send a shiver down your spine with sections of the house scarily dedicated to various mental illnesses that can plague everyday people. Supposedly, the experience is so intense, all guests must sign a legally binding waiver before entering the house. Think you can handle a house this creepy? Forget Halloween Horror Nights and take a look at the trailer below.

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