Christiano Ronaldo to Add Footwear to his CR7 Line

Christiano Ronaldo. Whether you know him as the one really good player that played for Portugal in the World Cup last summer, or that one guy your friend overuses when they’re getting their ass beat in FIFA, the man is solidifying his name with the most memorable athletes out there. And what would a world-renowned athlete be without his very own shoe? But this won’t necessarily be a pair of pricey soccer cleats. Ronaldo’s clothing line, “CR7” has been around for a little while, but this year he’s decided to bring dress shoes into it’s lineup. Joining the runway with other male models, Ronaldo sported the classy kicks displaying one of the various styles and colors the shoes will come in. In an interview about the new addition Ronaldo said that, “With CR7 Footwear, it is all about style so I wanted to create a fashion presentation that really focused on the collection itself….  The fashion show demonstrated how you can wear each different style and the art display really showcased each piece beautifully. The International Arts Centre features the work of some of the world’s most important artists, so it’s fantastic to have presented our collection here today.”

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