When Fiction Becomes Reality

Could old TV episodes and movies really predict the future of America? It may seem pretty far fetched, but the entertainment business may have been looking into a crystal ball in past years. The Simpsons and Back to the Future have been making headlines recently about their unbelievably accurate predictions of 2015. Many wouldn’t believe it if I told you that the Simpsons aired an episode in 2000 where Donald Trump ran for president.Though the Donald Trump presidency was in 2030 in the episode, it’s still pretty uncanny in the fact that the country turned to complete turmoil after his election.

On a lighter note, Chicago Cubs fans will be ecstatic to know that Back to the Future may have predicted a 2015 world series win for the team. In the film, Marty Mcfly travels to 2015 from 1985 on the flying DeLorean time machine (of course) which brings him to Florida. When arriving in Miami, he sees a news report announcing the Cubs winning the world series in a hologram like billboard. The screenwriter of the film mentioned to Chicago’s Daily Herald that he wanted to “come up with one of the most unlikely scenarios” so he had the Cub’s win announced in Miami, a city that doesn’t even have a major league team. Well, this “unlikely scenario” may be a near reality for the Chicago Cubs since they are still in the runnings to play in the World Series. Only time will tell.


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