Larry David Nails His Impression of Bernie Sanders

With the presidential race getting tense faster than Donald Trump in Cancun for Spring Break, everyone loves someone who can bring comic relief to ease up the tension. SNL, known for making light of current world issues, put together a skit poking fun at the personalities of the politicians on the most recent democratic debate. Hillary Clinton’s impersonator Kate McKinnon and Jim Webb portrayer Alec Baldwin, along with the rest of the cast gave solid performances, but Larry David surely stole the show while acting as Bernie Sanders. David nails Senator Sanders from the “no fucking around” attitude to the vocal cadence that makes him sound like he’s ready to punch every corrupt politician square in the face. CNN had Sanders on for an interview in which Sanders stated the he thinks “[Larry David] does this better than I do.” Check out the entire SNL skit and Sanders’s reaction below.

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