Will Smith Jumping His Off

Oct 23, 2015

Hey, remember when Will Smith randomly showed up as a feature on a Colombian group’s song to make a triumphant return to the rap game? Yeah, we think it was god awful too, but now that awful verse has a music video. The video is pretty typical: a bunch of sweaty, oddly dressed people, meeting in a pretty dangerous looking warehouse to have a dance party; nothing too out there. The magic happens when the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air walks in. Looking like, he raided his son Jaden’s closet before the video shoot began, Will Smith comes into the middle of the dance floor to start spitting that lukewarm, mediocre, hot fire. The 47 year old actor hasn’t lost a step as he jumps around with the dance crew. He’s kind of looks like the random old guy you see going really hard at an EDM concert: an unexpected attendee, a tad out of place, but still worthy of a head nod for being a funny sight.