Lamar Odom’s Fall from Kobe’s Side

If you’ve been having a rough week, just keep in mind at least you’re not Lamar Odom. If you’ve been following celebrity news at all, you’ve probably heard that the former Laker and 2 time champion has been in critical condition since having a drug-fueled weekend at a local brothel called “Love Ranch” in Nevada. The situation was so bad that he has been only been in hospitals since being air lifted out of the brothel between Las Vegas and as of just a few days ago, Los Angeles. Given the severity of the issue, it’s not to say Odom hasn’t been having a really rough year, losing two extremely close friends this year less than two weeks apart. And like many basketball greats at the end of their career, Lamar struggled to try and stay on top, having some unproductive seasons after leaving Kobe and the Lakers. If there’s a silver lining (or maybe that’s just the light coming from the TV cameras), it seems this situation has brought Lamar and his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian back into close contact, with Khloe cancelling their planned divorce. Lamar is definitely gonna need all the love he can get from the Kardashian sister, because Odom’s bill wasn’t cheap. It’s rumored that his bill for the weekend at the Love Ranch brothel is going to cost a little $79,000, which Khloe may have to pay because Lamar’s relatively unconscious state. Now that’s one hell of an expensive escapade.

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