Cheating Wife Take an L over Snapchat

Technology. Whether you love it or hate it. Whether you think we’ll eventually be flying through space, or trying to survive the Skynet extermination, it’s integrated itself into every aspect of our lives, including our love lives. This hilarious story comes at the expense of a cheating wife simply being referred to on the internet as “Chelsea”, who was supposedly on a business trip and was sending some sexy pictures to her sex-starved husband before heading off to “sleep.” On her last pic sent, Chelsea’s husband stopped and probably said “What are thooooose?!” to the sight at some very male-looking boots in the corner of the picture. But if that wasn’t enough of a clue, it is very clear from the angle of the photo, that Chelsea’s naughty little pic was no dirty selfie. At this point our boy is steamed and texts Chelsea letting her know he can’t go through her cheatings ways AGAIN, as in: this has happened more than once. Well Chelsea, safe to say you hold the internet’s award for biggest loss this week, and for future reference: you can’t put the snapchat camera on a fucking timer!

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