A Monkey Almost Outs El Chapo

For many of us who are fans of the Netflix series, “Narcos”, we can see striking similarities between the former Colombian drug Cartel, Pablo Escobar’s run-ins with the law and current Mexican drug lord, El Chapo’s. A world famous and immensely rich drug dealer who seems to somehow get exactly what he needs to escape. Well back in July, when he almost escaped through a fucking TUNNEL under his prison (gee, wonder who dug that?), El Chapo reunited with his family, who vacated their permanent residents. However, upon the family getting back together, El Chapo’s daughters wanted their pet monkey, Boots (Yes, like Dora the Explorer). When El Chapo filed the proper papers to get a monkey on a plane, the government got suspicious deciding to follow the monkey to it’s final destination. And like a Netflix original drama, the police closed in on the area, with El Chapo just narrowly escaping that capture. Along with over 20 corrupted police officials, El Chapo was arrested again. Let’s see if these TV show like police hunts have any more unfolding details in the future.

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