Can you Finish This 30lb. Burrito?

Can you finish a burrito that’s almost the same weight as a small child? Well if you’re interested in having a 10% stake in a Brooklyn restaurant, you probably want to keep reading.

Don Chingon, a taqueria located at 216 Flatbush Avenue, will award those who can complete their 30lb burrito and spicy margarita challenge in less than one hour with partial stake in their company. The burrito is filled with 3 types of meats including steak, pork, and chicken and  filled with rice, beans and salsa. Everything is folded into a monstrously sized tortilla and included with a ghost pepper margarita to wash it all down. As you can guess the almost impossible challenge has never been completed before, but has been attempted by many. The burrito weighs more than twice the 14.5 pounds that world champion competitive eater, Joey Chestnut can devour, and even heavier than the famous 25 lb hot dog challenge. Brave customers have to pay $150 up front for the meal and once the challenge starts, they are not allowed to use the restroom or get sick. So eat at your own risk because Chingon is not responsible for any death.




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