One Hotel Makes It Even Easier to Have Minimal Social Interaction

Whether you’ve heard it from your grandparents, or realize you follow strange and passionless “textiquette” when you’re texting your crush, technology is making it easier and easier for us to have as little human interaction as possible. Domino’s cashed in on our desire to be concise, with the ability to text them a pizza emoji in order to order a pizza, completely eliminating the need to actually speak to another human, score for further diminishing communication skills! Well tally up another mark for eventual society-wide social ineptitude because the Aloft Hotel in Manhattan are jumping on the emoji-orders train. Now, guests can order room service using emjois. The choices include anything from hangover remedies, quick junk food, phone chargers, or even a “Surprise Me” choice, probably consisting of hotel merchandise. At this rate, we can only hope the hotel employee not dare awkwardly speak to us or knock, and just text us when they’re outside.

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