Robin Thicke Admits to Drunken Interviews

We all have that one friend who can just hold their shit together when they’re really fucked up, or maybe you’re that person in the friend group (if you are, stop lying to yourself). The squad member who has to negotiate with the bouncer, or talk down a heated argument at the bar. Well, we can officially be sure Robin Thicke is that for him and his friends. These past few years have been rough ones for the pop singer, having lost a $7 million lawsuit against the family of the late great Marvin Gaye, who claim Thicke stole the melody for his smash single “Blurred Lines”. Parts of the trial have just been released, and during his testimony, Thicke openly admitted to being drunk AND high on Vicodin on pretty much every interview he had given in 2013, including one on the world famous Oprah Winfrey Show. And now, that we’ve gone back and looked at a few interviews, we can definitely see it. Hell, a drunk Robin Thicke is still more composed than Miley Cyrus in any state. Turn up, Robin, turn up. Check out the video of the testimony and a hilarious lit Robin Thicke interview below.

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