Royal Blue’s Favorite Celebrity Halloween Costumes this Year

Well Royal Blue Fam, another lit Halloween is in the books. We all came, saw, dressed as something ridiculous, and got turnt. Thanks to the gift that keeps on giving that is social media, we got to see some of the funny, basic, and straight up impressive Halloween costumes from several people in pop culture.

Heidi Klum (Jessica Rabbit)

TV host and actress Heidi Klum, is known for having one of the biggest Halloween parties every single year, which is only rivaled, in terms of impressiveness, by her over the top and next level Halloween costumes. In the past she’s been everything from a female Bigfoot, to her without skin, and this year she was feeling inspired to be famed “Roger Rabbit” character, Jessica Rabbit. If you know what Klum normally looks like, you can see this costume is one hell of a transformation.


I tried ??

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 Diplo (Snapchat Selfie Effect)

Diplo is not only a DJ, but known for having one of the most naturally amusing and relevant social media presences in dance music. So in short, he stayed true to himself this Halloween by being himself featured with the well-known rainbow puke selfie function. Well played, Diplo, well played.


 Christina Milian (Cheetah)

We all know at least 40-something people who decided to be a Cheetah/Jaguar for the big day this year, but we gotta say the very beautiful Christina Milian brought some welcomed makeup effort to the often half-assed costume idea.


my ninjas

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 Kylie Jenner (Sexy Warrior Costume)

Kylie is typically one for pretty stylish outfits and Halloween is no exception. This is definitely one of the celebrity Halloween costumes that had us drooling.


*Drops mic on your Halloween* ?⤵️

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 Katy Perry……

*Drops Mic*


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