Twitter HATES Jeremy Lin’s New Haircut

Remember that phenom a few years back who was lighting up the net for the Knicks off the bench, Jeremy Lin? Yeah, turns out he was unfortunately just a spark in the pan like some analyst believed. If you haven’t been tracking the guy, he’s currently having a fairly mediocre career with the Hornets. A few nights ago, Lin unveiled a new and very intense Mohawk and let’s just say Twitter had a field day roasting the Harvard graduate point guard. We’re not sure what made Lin go straight Birdman, but let’s just hope it may be some kind of nod to more crazy antics in the future. Let your inner Dennis Rodman speak to you, young Jeremy. One things for sure, the Hornets definitely don’t mind all the hair hype, this will probably be the most social media buzz they’ll get all season. Check out some of the more gnarly jokes below!








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