Skrillex & Daedmau5 got Beef

If the habits of EDM’s biggest DJ’s is something you follow, you may know that the world famous Canadian producer, Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman), is someone who’s never afraid to speak his mind. From bullshit he sees going down in the music industry, to hating on the generic and easy-to-make sounds that might be dominating popular dance music, Zimmerman typically takes to Twitter to vent his frustrations and/or start beef with other famous DJ’s. Well the next producer on his list is a surprising opponent. His once close friend, Sonny Moore aka Skrillex. It’s no secret that Zimmerman played a big part in Skrillex’s rise to fame, and the two have been relatively close in the past. During one of Deadmau5’s many Twitter rants, Skrillex decided to publicly chime in to say that he’s always there if Deadmau5 needs someone to talk to. We think that’s definitely a little insincere when you broadcast something like that on Twitter for the whole world to see, but that’s beside the point. This ended up pumping out a pretty heated argument in which both parties began to diss each other’s record labels, OWSLA ran by Skrillex and Mau5trap overseen by Deadmau5. Well Joel said it best, blogs certainly are having a field day with this beef. Check out a video of a bromantic car ride of the two and Dillon Francis below after taking a look at the juiciest parts of the fight.


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