Chipotle Franchise Erupts into Chaos from E. Coli Outbreak

Basic bitches and bros drop your pumpkin spice lattes and solo cups, Chipotle is in some deep shit. Everyone’s favorite assembly line Mexican restaurant seems to be having a problem with E. coli on the West Coast. Originating in Washington with cases also in Oregon, reports of severe food poisoning after eating at the chain has just reached about 39 known cases. With hopes of not losing valued customers, Chipotle has hired a slew of food-safety consulting firms and is working closely with the FDA to figure out the source of and halt the outbreak. But unfortunately, there has been damage done. Over 40 chains between the two states have closed with surrounding, still-open restaurants noticing a big decrease in customer visitation. Chipotle’s stock took a $100 dip from $750 down to $614.98 when the report of the outbreak hit major news outlets. Analysts are beginning to worry about the overall nourishment of the general population of the West Coast. In an attempt to avoid widespread starvation in Oregon and Washington, experts are attempting to educate the population through Pinterest and random Buzzfeed best-friend countdowns that there are other options for food. If you think you may know a basic person who may be affected by this outbreak, please get them the proper help right away.

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