What You’re Wearing Could be Your Next Credit Card

You may be swiping your credit card left to right on clothes, but what if your clothing is your credit card. MasterCard and fashion designer Adam Selman are teaming up to create a very unique line of payable clothing. The concept is fairly new and was first unveiled at the Money20/20 conference in Las Vegas last week. Sherri Haymond, the group head of digital channels for MasterCard says that, “The idea is that virtually any device can be a commerce device” and that “People can pay with what’s most accessible to them”. The innovative design will also be worked on by General Motors, wearable-technology maker Nymi, Jewelry Company Ringly and Bluetooth locator, TrackR. So far, Selman has produced a few pieces. In total he’s made prototypes for two dresses, gloves and a handbag. Although this tech may turn some heads, security and hackers are in ours so we’re definitely going to take a wait and see approach.

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