Would you Spend 8 Grand on this Umbrella?

Although the Japanese based company Visvim is a men’s apparel brand, they have recently come out with a new creation--an $8,000 designer umbrella. Now before you think about the ridiculous price for an item that’s used to keep us from getting caught in the rain, let’s discuss why this product costs so much. (And no, it doesn't fly like we were hoping for.) Hiroki Nakamura, founder of the apparel company, developed the Atelier Umbrella after six months of crafting it in Paris using uniquely sourced materials. The luxurious accessory that debuted at NYFW, is made out of beechwood, fish oil tanned goat leather, brass tipped rattan, and skein-dyed cotton. Now, the average Joe probably wouldn’t classify any of these materials as posh or lavish, but in the umbrella's defense, that’s fashion for you.


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