SNL Parodies Hotline Bling

If there’s three things basics around the world love, it’s Drake, internet memes, and Saturday Night Live. So when the three come together in a fairly predictable manner, we’ll have a YouTube video bounds for hundreds of millions of views. If you’ve been near a computer these past few months, official Royal Blue scientific studies have shown that you’ve more than likely seen at least 230 different Hotline Bling videos made, that play on Drake’s odd dance moves. So appropriately SNL has decided to jump in on the fun. SNL cast member, Jay Pharoah plays Drake that those infamous turtle neck and boots combo as he pokes fun at Drake’s awkward rug cutting movies. Oh, and we have to mention a random appearance from current presidential candidate and often rapped about businessman, Donald Trump. The video’s definitely a good ode to awkwardly unrhythmic dancing to say the least.

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