Kobe Bryant’s Take on the Knicks Triangle Offense

Kobe Bryant’s always been a diva but hell, he’s Kobe Bryant. Being one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the world definitely gets you some tenure in terms of calling shots, picking who will be on your team, and in the game of basketball itself. This year’s been a tough one for the Laker legend, not being at the top of the pack anymore, due to losing the one-on-one game against the undefeated Father Time, so it’s understandable grandpa Kobe’s been a little on the cranky side. In a recent game against the Knicks, Kobe was chatting it up with a random courtside fan, letting the crowd know exactly what he thought of the Knicks’s Triangle Offense, or lack thereof. Formerly winning a handful of championships utilizing the famous basketball formation with fellow legend, Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe calling the Knicks formation “a fucking square” may be him just calling it as he sees it. Watch a hilariously frustrated Kobe below.




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