What EDC Orlando and Royal Blue Has to Say About Dance Fashion

Electronic Dance Music. Shown by Google Trends to be the only growing genre of music, it’s arrival as a cultural phenomenon in the U.S. is pretty undeniable at this point. But what many may not know is how the style has changed throughout the various eras of dance music culture and how style can vary from scene to scene within it. What you may see worn at a day time festival is different than an after-hours deep house club vibe, which are both way different from what people were rocking in the ‘90’s. Why do you give a damn about all this? Because Royal Blue is gonna tell you exactly what to wear to help you stand out.

Let’s use a real world example. Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando. It’s a 2-day branch of Insomniac’s famed electronic music festival pitted in the heart of Central Florida that brings a large variety of acts from electronic music gods like Green Velvet and Tiesto to bass music Gunslingers like Excision and Bassnectar. Unlike it’s much larger counterparts like Ultra Music Festival in Miami or EDC Las Vegas, EDC Orlando can serve as a hell of an indicator as to what the general trend is for a casual festival style per se. So here’s a whirlwind tour of the scenes various looks.

The Front Row Headbanger

You can catch this guy front and center at the sets of only the hardest hitting DJ’s on the lineup. How he makes it to the front for every banger-filled hour, you ask? No one entirely knows for sure, but he is always dressed appropriately. A minimal piece that’s breathable. Not for flash, just for business. Out of Royal Blue’s collection, you’ll want to cop this piece from our Summer 2015 line.

The Coordinated Crew

Nothing says “squad goals” like coordinated outfits between you and all you’re your rave buddies. Not only does this look good, but also helps you easily find each other when you all inevitably get lost at some point in the day. Our most stand out multi-piece look has to be the Rebellious multi-piece.

The “Techno Is Life” Look

Some say drab, you call it the necessities. Some say “too dark for EDM”, you say “I like my EDM darker”. When at the techno/deep house stage, you won’t catch too many furry boots or neon tanks. You’re gonna be finding a lot of tasteful dark colors, and minimal pattern. Royal Blue’s pieces from our Summer 2015 and Holiday 2015 line would be perfect.

The “Pop at the Mainstage” Feel

This is a focus on being noticeably bright surrounded by bright shit. The key with this is getting a pattern that’s familiar and surprising all at the same time. Royal Blue’s main pick for this feel would have to be the very popular Pop-Fun combo.

See? We got you covered in casual wear AND for the stand-out festival atmosphere. What would you do without us?

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