Urban Outfitters Introducing Pizza

Who wouldn’t love to chow down on their favorite slice of pizza and shop for clothes all in one place? Well, what was once a mere dream for pizza lovers and shopping addicts everywhere is now a reality all thanks to Urban Outfitters.  Recently, the popular indie clothing stop has made headlines for getting into the pizza business. Urban teamed up with The Vetri Family, a group of Italian restaurants located in Philadelphia, to have slices of pizza sold in stores. Pizzeria Vetri, the main point of interest in the collab, is not just any pizza place. The restaurant was named one of the best pizzerias in the U.S by Food and Wine magazine, specializing in Neapolitan pizza. Although the renowned pizzeria is adored by the magazine, investors aren't too keen of the idea for an Urban Outfitters partnership, making shares for the store drop 7.5%. But fret not pizza and urban fans, the collab will still continue despite the haters.

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