The Internet’s Collective Reaction to Ronda Rousey’s Defeat

On November 15th, at UFC 193, the unthinkable happened. The dominating former women’s bantam weight champion, Ronda Rousey lost by knockout (in other words, by getting kicked hard as fuck in the head) to opponent Holly Holm and the entire world’s jaw dropped. The memes have been savage, the opinion-based articles infinite, and the reputation of the once dominant fighter diminished. In a surprising move, Floyd Mayweather has been generally supportive of Rousey and even has offered to help her in her boxing game. Is this all just underhanded Mean Girls “I take pity on you” tactics? Very possible knowing Floyd, but without a doubt, Rousey could use the training. Now put on a 6-month medical suspension, Ronda will now have time to heal and hopefully get a kick out of some of the internet’s best jokes made at her expense. We’re just going to assume she’s trying to find all the silver linings she can at this point.



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