Vince Staples Gives His Take on 20 Years of GQ

If you’ve seen any of California rapper, Vince Staples interviews, you’ll know he’s truly a guy wise beyond his years. Always able to bring analysis never heard before, but one that makes complete sense, Staples often is one part insightful, one part odd, one part clever, and all parts hilarious. The well-known men’s magazine, GQ decided to invite Vince Staples to see how he felt about 20 years’ worth of “Men of the Year” magazine covers, that have featured everyone from Michael Jordan, to Tom Cruise, and his take on them are priceless. He gives the real spiel on Michael Jordan, the ‘90s, the embodiment of GQ, which celebrities are poisoning the youth, and what Men of the Year surprisingly don’t have great style despite being featured in the magazine. Check out the humorous wisdom below.

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